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    summer’s end

    where did I go? It has been so long since I posted, and I don’t really have a reason. I have excuses… writer’s block computer on the fritz (shouldn’t matter, I got an iPad in January I very well could…

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    rainy day play

    quarantine life has us spending a bit more time around the house, add in a rainy day and this momma notices a grumpy child after too much screen time. we started a rainy day stash of new projects, including making…

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    the sweetest thing happened when i handed my little one her very own toy camera! she held it up to her eye and said “click!” my heart melted!!! ***this post contains and Amazon Affiliate link*** recently i have felt she’s…

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    Hawaiian hand quilting

    it’s easier than it sounds. but it’s also as time consuming as it sounds! in this military life, you have the most amazing people that constantly come and go from your life. one of those people was a previous squadron…

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