floral first

as we near completion of flora’s second trip around the sun, and i make plans for her small scale birthday party, i am remembering just how lovely her beach birthday party ended up being.

no real theme i suppose, it was only family and friends. i didn’t even bother finding invitations, e-vites were all i invested myself in. we were living in a strange limbo of displacement and sleep deprivation while on an extended TDY in Florida.

every time i would go to the beach I ended up picking up oyster shells and ended up stealing an idea from my dear cousin’s wedding decorations of painting the shells and using them as free decor. though from the moment I knew she was a girl, i imagined floral everything, and a floral first could be on the beach! right?!

with the help of a dear and patient friend, we made the most delicious cookies, and at the request of my husband a pretty healthy cake. it was minimal, inexpensive, and beautiful. my only regret is not taking more pictures.

the 12 month photo banner took me entirely to long on my silhouette cutter, should have just ordered one!
the naked cake was tough to get right, but I loved not giving her too much sugar, and she really just wanted to eat the real shell!

thanks to a dear friend and her photography skills i got lots of good pictures of our girl as she finished off year 1 with as much love as we could give!

fun fact: smash cake attempt #1 went rolling across the car floorboard on the way to take pictures, so it was pre-smashed for her!

so now it’s time to bring on the planning for party terrible 2!