plant propagation

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    blooming basil

    what’s wrong with my basil blooming? nothing! fun little lesson on herbs. we mostly want to grow herbs for the foliage. unless we are talking about coriander, that gets a little confusing. let’s just focus on the simple herbs. a…

  • diy,  plant propagation


    perfect, ripe, delicious pineapples are in no short supply here in Hawaii, even in the time of the rona. our very first days here we purchased one and took a few adorable naked baby on the beach pictures with it…

  • diy,  plant propagation


    one of the top reasons i find friends and family kill their indoor plants is that they show them too much love and attention. the second reason is actually the complete opposite, like forgetting to water them. ***this post contains…

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    slice of paradise

    in the 80’s, my aunt was a travel agent and took many tour groups to hawaii every year. she fell in love with the plant life and one of the easiest ways to get a slice of that back home…

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