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summer’s end

where did I go? It has been so long since I posted, and I don’t really have a reason.

I have excuses…

  • writer’s block
  • computer on the fritz (shouldn’t matter, I got an iPad in January I very well could have written on)
  • busy… who isn’t?!
  • potty training (will it ever end!?)
  • building new friendships and routines
  • living life!

the reality of it is, that I just didn’t make blogging a priority.

I got so swept up in the excitement of my new website and blog that I started off super strong. soon after taking the plunge my equipment all started failing me.

  • my favorite camera lens died.
  • my computer crumbled under the stress of my new photography hobby.
  • my child became more than a handful and I let it overwhelm me. my anxiety of new and persistent Covid-19 variants kept me from wanting to leave the house.
  • raise of hands who has kind of loved the hermit life Covid-19 has forced upon us 🙋🏼‍♀️ I know I’m not alone here.
  • my macrame was taking up so much of my time I wasn’t sleeping or eating well or getting the physical fitness I needed.

but now as I see all of the back to school posts and even fall decor coming out ::it’s August ya’ll come on now:: I am realizing that I have completely lost track of time. I’m in a sort of Groundhog Day scenario. don’t get me wrong, I love it here, but when I saw that my last blog post had been 10 months ago I practically broke out into a sweat. probably because of my recently microwaved coffee, but honestly I was so upset with myself. not because I think anyone out there cares too very much, but because I care. I care that I let something I was so excited about slip. care that I let myself feel like I had run out of ideas. when the truth is I was just living life.

I was momming.

I was being as present as I could be with my little one while she is still little.

personally, I have let the whole idea of being a dependapotomous go. my amazing husband works so hard and has gifted me and our daughter this time to make memories and be so close. many days I feel touched out, exhausted, and frustrated at the everyday annoyances that come with bringing up a kiddo. but at the end of the day this is a job I get to do. I get this opportunity that I will never get a chance to have again. and after the weekends with us my husband see’s how it’s an almost equally exhausting job as his. I say almost because the fate of the free world doesn’t depend on nap time happening.

all of the above is to say I’m back. no parameters. no expectations. I have ideas and I hesitate to share them because I don’t want to let myself down if I don’t meet them. I will be picking back up on my macrame, I will be working on adding things to this website, I will be continuing my photography practice, I will be supporting my friend’s small business, I will keep helping my child grow and learn. these are things I do know for now.

in closing I will add a few of my favorite memories from this summer and hope to com back soon with some more content. don’t rush into the PSL’s ya’ll, enjoy the coconut & lime, the sunrises & sunsets, and the cool sweet treats of summertime.

new beautiful working computer!
daddy daughter tea parties
mommy and me lei making
macrame 🤍
a dino obsession has blossomed
sea glass obsession has blossomed too as well as a new small business I am obsessed with
manual mode for mom’s weekly photography prompts have really helped to challenge me to play with compositions
slowing down to live every day to the fullest has lead to some amazing explorations of her imagination