home tourism

it doesn’t matter if you live in a town where everyone has heard of or if you live in the sleepiest town in America, there is something to be done.

my mother has been documenting her daily walks around her neighborhood, and taking pictures of the friendly wildlife that cross her path. there’s something for everyone during these times of isolation.

yesterday, our family played tourist in our current hometown, as the museum’s that are part of the Pearl Harbor Historic Sites. the different museums are slowly beginning to open. the goal was to tour the USS Bowfin, however our little one was too small to bring aboard, so instead we opted to visit the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum. turned out it was their first day of being open since places began closing their doors in March. not all of the exhibits were open, and the crowds had to have been a little disappointing for the staff, however we had a lovely experience and the museum did not disappoint.

located in a couple of old hangers on Ford Island, there are actual reminders left in the concrete and glass from the air attacks that day.

we were able to buy a special summer rate pass that allows us to visit all of the sites as they are opening from now until Labor Day.

i hope that if you live on Oahu you will check out these amazing tributes tone of the most memorable chapters in American history.